Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Speed Up PC Performance - eBoostr

                   Accessing data from the RAM is blazingly faster than accessing data from your Hard Disk. These days most of us have a USB flash Drive or Pendrive and the amount of RAM installed on most recent computers are 1 GB or more than that since the prices of RAM is very cheap now a days. So we get more value for money, since we get more performance for less money. eBoostr is a great utility that takes advantage of this. It caches the commonly used system files and application files and makes it possible to launch your commonly used programs in the blink of an eye. You may ask doesn’t this is similar to the Ready Boost feature in Windows 7. The answer is NO. In Windows 7 you can use only the USB flash Drives or pendrives for accelerating the Windows and Applications. But what makes eBoostr far more superior than Windows 7 is that, you can use your System RAM too apart from the Pendrives or USB Flash drives. This makes things real fast.

Before starting with, you need to set the RAM or external storage devices (pendrives / flash drives) as the cache memory and set the size as per your need. Since the amount of cache depends on the amount of ram installed on your system, you will be really benefited if have 2 GB or more ram on your PC. eBoostr keeps a note on the frequently accessed programs and keep their files in the cache, so when you launch the programs again it is accessed in a split second!

The latest Version of eBoostr is eBoostr 4.0.

Features of eBoostr 4.0:

  • It is compatible with both USB and Non-USB removable storage devices
  • Supports up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Cache file size of upto 4GB on each device
  • Reduced load times and less hard drive access help prolong battery life of laptops and netbooks using eBoostr
  • Supports dual-boot and multi-boot configurations and many more...
This is a great utility that can speed up windows to a great extend especially for windows users who have a large amount of ram installed on their computers. Most of the daily computer users will be more benefited from this program.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7/2008 Server

System Requirements:

USB 2.0 port or an external card reader and USB 2.0 flash drive or memory card

Click here to download latest version of eBoostr


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