Thursday, December 30, 2010

Speed Up PC Performance - PC Booster

PC Booster

                                          PC Booster will Optimize, Accelerate and Stabilize your Computer. It will safely optimizes all aspects of your PC automatically such as Tweak hidden System, Internet, Memory, Hard Disk, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, Desktop, and Start-up/Shut-down settings for maximum performance.

Features and Benefits of PC Booster:

  • PC Booster will automatically boost your system speed by up to 100% without adding new hardware. 
  • PC Booster safely optimizes all aspects of your PC with one click.
  • Boot up and Shut Down at double the speed.
  • Close off non-responding apps automatically, freeing up precious system resources and thus preventing system crashes.
  • The hard disk module will perform boost file caching and thus optimizing the usage of your hard drive.
For those concerned with privacy issues - clean up Internet history, cookies, and temporary Internet files is as simple as clicking a button. No hardcore PC tweaking experience needed as all these are done automatically. PC Boosters revolutionary Auto-Tune feature tests 9 different system modules so that any problems on your system can be diagnosed within a few minutes.

Advanced users are able to safely tweak hidden settings of their PC with the Manual Tweak. You can revert back to original settings if you are not satisfied with the new settings.


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