What is Windows XP?

Windows XP is the newest Microsoft operating system. Based on Windows 2000
Professional and powered by the new Windows Engine, Windows XP is said to be more
reliable, efficient, secure, and easy to use. Features new to Windows XP include: an updated
user interface; new multimedia, communications, and networking features; a new Help and
Support Center; plus other new and improved experiences.

Windows XP is built on the code base of Windows 2000 and Windows NT that feature a
32-bit computing architecture and a fully protected memory model. Enhancements added to
Windows XP include improved document recovery, improved application and hardware
compatibility, system memory protection, and system stability.

Windows XP System Requirements

To use Windows XP Professional, your system must have:
300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed (minimum 233 megahertz).
128 megabytes RAM or higher (minimum 64 megabytes).
1.5 gigabytes available hard disk space.
Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution video adaptor and monitor.
CD-ROM or DVD Drive.

Note: To use certain features in Windows XP, your system will require additional
functionality. For example, Internet and e-mail functionality requires an Internet connection.

For more details on Windows XP please click on the below Link:

Windows Xp Support

Remember when your new PC with Windows XP ran fast and snappy?  Now its slow and sluggish, programs take ages to open and it's just not fun any more. Do you feel to trash your system? 

Not Required!!!!
Here are some useful Tips to make your PC run faster.


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