Friday, July 8, 2011

Registry Sweeper

Do you often download and install software from the Internet and uninstall it after a while? Many uninstall programs, however, can't completely remove everything from your computer as you believe - information written into the registry by the application may still remain there - by and by your registry file will be larger and larger, your system will be slower and slower, or even run into malfunctions.

Registry Sweeper is an outstanding and easy-to-use registry cleaner that will help you fix errors in the registry, remove useless information from the Windows registry, help you defragment your memory and improve system performance. In addition, it's safe to use - you can restore removed registry entries through "Restore Wizard" at any time.

Features of Registry Sweeper:
  • Clean invalid registry entries referenced to the Start Menu.
  • Clean invalid registry help files.
  • Clean invalid registry entries referenced to DLL.
  • Clean invalid uninstall information.
  • Clean invalid registry soft data.
  • Clean invalid registry entries referenced to file path.
  • Clean MRU and History.
  • Clean invalid COM and ActiveX.
  • Clean invalid application paths.
  • Clean invalid shortcuts.
  • Add/Remove Windows startup programs.
  • Optimize system.
  • Repair Internet Explorer.
  • Defragment memory


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