Thursday, July 7, 2011

Registry Cleaning Tool Optimizer

Registry Cleaning Tool Optimizer will clean your pc in order to run more smoothly and efficiently. Repair Registry errors, identify missing, corrupt or invalid items in your Windows registry and enhance performance and Stability of your Pc. Keep track of all problems resulting from missing, broken or bad application or Windows shortcuts and links, obsolete Start Menu items, missing or corrupt application IDs, unused drivers Mechanic.

Also Included Bonus Applications are Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, Backup and Restore Registry, Special Junk Cleaner, Monitor Registry, IE Plugins, Registry Spyware Scanner included in the package too. A Scheduler for Automatic Operation and lots More. Using Registry Cleaning Tool regularly keeps your PC free from errors and from obsolete, unused or unwanted files. Easy to use One click operation and Lots of eye candy Skins to change appearance.


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