Saturday, July 2, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - CleanReg Gold

If you system registry gets clogged up because of various programs that uninstall themselves not properly, leaving orphan registry entries behind, this might be the reason of unstable performance and sudden system crushes. This hardly desired destiny may be avoided, if you take care of your system enough to install registry cleaner software such as CleanReg.

CleanReg is a compact tool that clears up registry entries that are no longer used by any software on your system but may still cause problems for your system. The program scans the registry for references to missing files and removes them.


CleanReg is best used for monitoring your system registry. CleanReg can alert you to registry intrusions and help clean up after uninstalling programs or systems.

You can save the clean-up results in a plain text log file and undo the changes later. Not that you'd need it as the program's fairly effective, but it's nice to know you can fall back on the undo list.

The tool is incredibly easy to use, fast and effective. Try it today and clean up your registry effortlessly yet professionally.

Warning !!!

Some installations of Windows do not include the current version of mfc42.dll. If CleanReg will not start because of a missing entry in MFC42, download, unzip it and copy the dll into the CleanReg directory. Or download all the Microsoft DLLs by clicking on


Windows optimization is basically a collection of techniques, which are required to make Windows operating system more efficient. When you regularly work on your computer system its performance decreases gradually.

Yes you are absolutely correct. I am posting reviews of some easy to use optimization tools, most of them are freeware, you can use them to optimize computers.

This software will help improving the speed and performance of a computer. I would love to try this to make my laptop faster and without experiencing lag.

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