Thursday, December 2, 2010

Differences Between Windows Vista and Windows 7

Four Major Differences Between Windows Vista and Windows 7

1. Peripherals are integrated in a smoother manner:

                         Now, every time you plug in a plug and play device, you will be having a different experience each time. Because this time, Windows 7 has turned its peripheral detection and support, more device central rather than shooting just an auto-run option as it used to do in Windows 7 and windows Vista. This will be more helpful, when you will be using different kind of peripheral devices. By far, almost all kinds of devices will be supported with the necessary drivers. And as if its not enough, Windows 7 will help you find the website of your peripheral device's manufacturer, and allow you do more than what you could have done with the auto-run interface only. Just for an example, say you plug in a camera, Windows 7 might take you to that manufacturer's website, where you might be having an option of uploading your photos to an online album. Best thing is, you won't be running out of drivers for your peripheral devices, as Windows 7 has been included an ocean of such drivers, and if by chance the driver is not existent there, Windows 7 will find it over the net for you.

2. Very much improved UAC:

                                     The only problem, that was always discussed in most of the forums, and many questions which remained unanswered, and so many users who left with an unsatisfied soul; will all be changed. Finally, we got rid of annoying overprotective dialogue box that used to appear almost all the time, even when you changed the cursor speed or installed a software; as Windows 7 has shed overprotective dialogue boxes but still maintaining the quality protection against malicious attacks. Windows 7 will only display messages when major settings are changed.

3. Brand new taskbar:

                                     What do you have at your bottom right corner of the screen? a set of icons which keeps popping up balloons one after another, giving an illusion of fancy lighting in a wedding? Well, don't worry anymore; as in Windows 7 Microsoft has made sure that you have the complete authority to change the settings required and allow or disallow only the required icons and also change the settings for notifications that might appear on screen and probably annoy you. Even the small little triangle that used to expand into the taskbar revealing all programs that are running is removed. Now at the same place, if you move your cursor, you'll be getting a list of processes that are running.

4. Super fast performance:

                                Probably this is the major improvement upon Vista, which will heighten the sales of Windows 7. Microsoft had promised that it would deliver an Operating System that would be much faster than Vista. And yes it did. Windows 7 has very few startup processes that run in the background and eat up memory cycles.


How about processes running at the backgroud, does Windows-Vista and Windows7 have the same processes running at the backgroud?

windows 7 is a lot more faster as well

Windows 7 is lighter on resource consumption when compared to Vista

Windows 7 is lighter on resource consumption when compared to Vista

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