Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Speed Up Browsing in Internet Explorer

Destroy your JavaScript Problem for Smooth Surfing

A JavaScript problem will make it very difficult to browse the Web. JavaScript powers have many rich online features. This makes it necessary to repair a JavaScript problem so that you can work online or surf the Web.

How does JavaScript work?

The majority of web developers use JavaScript to build rich interfaces and dynamic, media-driven websites. As such, you’ll find JavaScript on the majority of websites you visit. There are a few common issues that cause JavaScript errors. It’s easy to resolve these, however Pop-up blockers can create JavaScript problems. Your browser will need to read scripts in order to open windows such as shopping carts, interactive menus, and dynamic displays. Pop-up blockers will prevent your computer from reading these scripts. So, it’s very likely you’ll encounter JavaScript errors if you have enabled a popup blocker.

Disable Pop-Up Blockers and Enable Active Scripting

Here’s how to disable your pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 8:

1.Click the “Tools” menu located on the right side of the Internet Explorer Tab.

2.Highlight the “Pop-up Blocker” setting.

3.Click “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.”

If you haven’t enabled active scripting, then you’ll probably run into some problems with JavaScript. Active Scripting basically gives your browser permission to run scripts on various web pages. It’s quite simple to check and see if you have enabled Active Scripting.

Here’s how to enable Active Scripting In Internet Explorer 8:

1.Click the “Tools” menu.


Will updating java manager help to solve this issue ?

Not all the time, sometimes even after updating Java you recive the same error, becuase it depends on the website you are browsing.

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