Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Speed Up Internet Connection - TCP Optimizer

SG TCP Optimizer

                              Speeding up your PC includes Speeding Up the internet connection too. There is no use in paying for the ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you don’t get the speed for which the type of connection you pay for. For e.g. what’s the use in paying for a 2 Mbps broadband connection and getting only 200Kbps speed when you test internet speed? Windows will not optimize the settings for your internet connection by default. What ever be the type of connection used. If you can adjust the settings to suit your type of connection you will get the maximum possible speed from your internet connection. So here is a great tool that can optimize and Speed up the Internet to the Maximum.
TCP Optimizer is one such great free tool that will do this tiresome job very easily. The interface of the program is easy to understand for a standard computer user.

How to optimize/accelerate the internet using TCP optimizer?
  • You only need to move the pointer towards the speed of your connection (it may be 2000 or above for broadband users and 56 for dial up) give it as per your connection.

  • Now if you are not an expert user just select the optimal settings seen at bottom. If you are an expert user you can take the custom option and adjust the TCP/IP values, MTU, Qos, RWIN etc.

  • After this just tick the “Modify all Network Adapters” option.

  • Now click “Apply Changes” and restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

  • There are many other options in TCP Optimizer for Advanced users. The Latency tab will help you to determine how much data packets are lost.After completing these steps you can run a speed test at

Supporting Operating Systems:

Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP/XP-SP2/2k3
Windows Vista/ Windows 7/2008 

Click here to download TCP Optimizer latest version
Click here to download TCP Optimizer latest version


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