Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Windows XP Processes - spoolsv.exe process

Windows XP Processes - spoolsv.exe process

What is spoolsv.exe process?

spoolsv.exe process - Microsoft Printer Spooler Service

The spoolsv.exe file is described as the Spooler SubSystem App or Windows Print Spooler Service and is the main component of the printing interfaces. The spoolsv.exe file is initialized when the computer starts, and it runs in the background until the computer is turned off.

Importance of spoolsv.exe process

  • The process spoolsv.exe transfers the data in a buffer. If the printer needs the data, it will retrieve it from the buffer. While the spoolsv.exe file is storing the data in the buffer, the user can carry out other operations. The spoolsv.exe process is also responsible for queuing printing tasks. Through this function, the user does not need to wait for each printing task to be completed one after the other.

  • When a printer is in use, the Print Spooler service or the spoolsv.exe file is launched, and the process can be seen running in Windows Task Manager. In case you are not using a printer, the spoolsv.exe process can be closed through the Task Manager.

  • This process is considered safe. It is unlikely to pose any harm to your system.

  • Since spoolsv.exe is a system process it should not be stopped. The process is required for Windows to work properly.

  • This process is considered to be CPU intensive. Without proper management, CPU intensive processes can manipulate system resources and slows down your computer.


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