Thursday, February 10, 2011

Backup Your Data

Spotmau Data Backup Kit

Why backup? Because your Windows can become unstable or even crash after running several months; your hard disk is a fragile device that it can be damaged by shaking, kicking, or frequently moving.
Data Recovery Kit allows you backup your file, folder or even entire disk. Save your precious family memory and important business documents. It can backup to any media; backup on demand or on schedule. Smart incremental backup technology enables you to backup only when your files are changed since last backup and saves your time.

Features of Spotmau Data Backup Kit

1. Backup files and folders:

* Simply select the files and folders you want to backup. You can backup on demand or on schedule;
* Backup entire hard disk/partition and restore it in the event of a hardware problem or careless deletion;

2. Clone/copy entire hard disk:

* Clone "Mirrors" your entire hard disk to a new one. It Clones everything including Windows, installed programs, all your documents, and all personal setting to the new disk. So you never need to reinstall Windows and programs and never need to redo your personal configuration.
* Clone/restore even when you can not get into Windows: All functions in Spotmau Data Backup work under two modes -- Windows mode and boot mode. This product makes a bootable CD. You can backup or restore even under boot mode, which is extremely useful when your disk or Windows crashes and you can not get into Windows.

3. Backup on demand or on schedule:

* Backup whenever you want it. With backup on schedule, it automatically backups your data at the time preset by you.

4. Incredible backup efficiency:

* Intelligent Incremental Backup technology automatically checks last backup record and backups only the difference. Never need to waste your time and computation resource in slow backup.


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