Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Smart PC

Smart PC

Smart PC allows PC optimization to be done easily on Windows-based computers even by users with limited knowledge or experience with these systems. By fixing errors, cleaning up unnecessary files from the hard drive, and improving the speed of the Windows operating system, the program improves the performance of the computer and makes it more efficient. The software also removes personal and financial information from the computer so users no longer need to worry about becoming victims of identity theft via their computer or laptop.

Features of Smart PC

Fix Registry Problems

The Windows Registry is a crucial part of your PC's operation system. Regular use of computer makes the registry

fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and invalid data. The software's powerful Registry tools keep this critical part of your PC in perfect condition.

Fix Invalid shortcuts

You can purge your Desktop and Start Menu by re-linking or removing broken Shortcut links. The tool helps to move
programs, files, or directories to a different location with simultaneous the automatic re-linking of their existing shortcuts.

Clean up your tracks

Operations you perform with your computer are recorded and may be exposed to unauthorized disclosure without your

Remove junk files

Find and remove junk files generated by imperfect software, system failures and computer restarts.
Remove Duplicate Files Erase error-causing and redundant duplicate files and drivers. You can easily detect and find duplicate files to be removed.

Tweak Windows Settings

Fine-tune and optimize major undocumented Windows features that affect appearance, security, and performance.

Faster Windows Start-up: 

Startup Manager lets you configure faster Windows startup speeds for the fastest performance.

Clean up flawed uninstaller information and remove useless errors when sloppy software doesn't clean up after itself.

Protect against Identity Theft - Clean up your tracks

Information about your computer and yourself like the web sites you visit, the files you opened and download from the
Internet, the program you run, and other actions, is automatically recorded and may be retrieved by other individuals via the web.

When you surf the web information from every website you visit is stored on your computer and recorded in various
Windows locations such as temporary files, cookies, system registry and the index.dat file. Web browsers cannot provide full privacy as they do not clean up all hidden files containing data about your actions.
knowledge. The Ensure Personal Privacy tool helps you to maintain your personal privacy.


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