Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Spotmau Emergency Kit

Spotmau Emergency Kit

This utility will backup your entire Windows or core parts of it such as DPT (Disk Partition Table), registry and MBR (Master Boot Record). When your Windows gets corrupted or unstable, you can restore it from these backup files. 
Windows Backup will backup your entire system including your applications, personal settings and partition table. You can restore your corrupted Windows to original Windows before backup with a few clicks.

Windows Recovery provides a complete solution to recover your corrupted Windows such as partition table recovery, lost/missing files recovery and so on. It even restores your corrupted Windows to original Windows before backup. Therefore, you can save your money and time by skipping Windows/programs installation.

Data Transfer provides a final solution to rescue your data from crashed Windows. You might not be able to enter Windows if your main hard drive or Windows crashes. This product is burned into a bootable CD and you can easily recover data for this emergency situation.

Features of Spotmau Emergency Kit

· Boot up ANY desktop or laptop
· Back up the entire Windows
· Back up the Windows Registry
· Back up the DPT (Disk Partition Table)
· Back up the MBR (Master Boot Record)
· 1-click Windows recovery
· 1-click Partition Table recovery
· 1-click MBR recovery
· 1-click Registry recovery
· Recovery/Transfer data on enter Windows
· No Windows and applications reinstallation required
· No personal settings lost
· Provide boot.ini editor
· Provide Registry editor
· Fix Windows missed file


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