Monday, February 7, 2011

Windows XP Services - Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

Windows XP Services - Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

Microsoft Description:

  • Configures hard disk drives and volumes. The service only runs for configuration processes and then stops.

Importance of Logical Disk Manager Service

  • Performs administrative service for disk management requests. This service is started only when configuring a drive or partition or when a new drive is detected. This service is configured as manual by default, and is activated whenever dynamic disk configuration changes occur or when the Disk Management MMC snap-in is open. Such changes include converting a basic disk to dynamic, recovery of fault tolerant volumes, volume formatting, or changing a page file. The service starts, completes the configuration operation, and then exits.

  • This service only runs for disk configuration processes once invoked via the MMC Disk Management snap-in and then stops.

  • If this service is disabled, attempts to use the MMC Disk Management snap-in to configure disks will display the unable to connect to Logical Disk Manager service error message.

Startup type: Manual
Service status: Stopped

This service depends on the following system components:

The following system components depend on this service:

Logical Disk ManagerRemote Procedure Call
Plug and Play


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