Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Privacy Kit

Spotmau Privacy Kit

Privacy Kit cleans up all the tracks of your Internet and computer activities, wipes out the secret data permanently that no one in the world can recover it, hides and encrypts your sensitive data, locks up applications so only you can use it.

It can even build a “Personal Safe” on your computer to store your most sensitive data. It is invisible and unbreakable to others.

Privacy Kit includes: Privacy Cleaner, File Shredder, File Encryption.

Privacy Cleaner:
Privacy Cleaner cleans up everything you do online like things you ever searched,, visited websites, people you contacted, password you ever typed; every financial activity like online bank account you ever logged in, credit card number you ever entered; stuff you thought you deleted like "about last night" email you deleted, secret files you deleted.

File Shredder:

File Shredder will delete files and folders permanently. No one in the world can recover the files deleted by this tool.

File Encryption:

File Encryption will archive your files and folders to a self-exacting file. You can also set password for opening this zipped file. It’s useful when you need to archive / send your files or folders safely.

Features of Spotmau Privacy Kit
  • Encrypt folders/files on your hard disk or any removable device. Never worried about losing data again.
  • Clean up all activity records on your computer. No one can track what you do on your computer. 
  • Encrypt your private folders. No one can access your encrypted data. 
  • Compress/Zip files to save time and space when sending. 
  • Can't decompress/unzip your files without password.


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