Friday, January 14, 2011

Windows XP Services - Fast User Switching Compatibility Service

Windows XP - Fast User Switching Compatibility Service

Microsoft Description:

Provides management for applications that require assistance in a multiple user environment.

Importance of Fast User Switching Compatibility Service
  • Fast User Switching is a feature that allows multiple users to be logged on to the computer at the same time. Many programs were not designed to run in a multiple-user environment, and would normally have problems when multiple users log on to the computer. To make these programs compatible with Fast User Switching, the Fast User Switching Compatibility service will take one of four different actions when a specific problematic program is being used when user sessions are activated and/or disconnected.

  • Supplies the 'Switch User' functionality associated with the logoff option. It's a nice touch if you really do have that many users that are constantly switching in and out of the same box.

  • Enable multiple users to login to the same PC simultaneously.

This service depends on the following system components:
  • Remote Procedure Call
  • Terminal Services


Startup type: Manual
Service status: Stopped


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