Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What is alg.exe?

The development of alg.exe was done within the context of computer networking architectures, where it is associated with the Application Level (or Layer) Gateway Service, as well as Network Address Translation.
Application Layer Gateway service found only on Windows XP/2003. ALG is an integral part of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) in Windows XP/2003 - in simple terms, your Windows XP/2003 Firewall uses ALG. 

Microsoft's description : "Provides support for 3rd Party protocol plug-ins for ICS and ICF".

Importance of alg.exe

  • The alg.exe file’s absence would cause the security protocols to block communication ports, or for network administrators to consciously open numerous ports on the firewall that would create immense network vulnerability and potential threats.

  • alg.exe is a system process so it should not be stopped. The process is required for Windows to work properly.

  • This process is considered to be CPU intensive. Without proper management, CPU intensive processes can manipulate system resources and slow down computer.


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