Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speed Up Games Performance - GameEx


GameEx has support for arcade specific hardware including Ultimarcs J-PAC and ArcadeVGA. It has support for LCD and VFD displays, the MCE remote control, Game pads, full Mouse control, widescreen displays, volume control, music playlists (OGG, MP3, WMA and M4A), has a fully functional jukebox including visualizations, video and DVD player, Internet radio tuner (ASX, PL, M3U and WMA), picture and slide show viewer, news reader (RSS 1 and 2), and should work with HotRod and X-Arcade, SlikStik and IPAC controllers.

Standard Features of GameEx:

1. Supports nearly any emulator
2. Advanced support for MAME
3. No other front end has as many options for configuration of MAME and emulators.
4. Works with Vista 32 and 64 bit.
5. Media Center Plug In
6. Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
7. Arcade Controls (X-Arcade, Slik-Stik, JPAC,IPAC)
8. Works with Game pads
9. MCE remote
10. Specific ArcadeVGA support
11. Widescreen and HD support
12. Completely customizable controls
13. Highly polished interface
14. Jukebox supports all format,s with visualizations
15. Play the Jukebox while playing games
16. Advanced all formats Video Player
17. DVD Player with support for choice of codec and FFDSHOW
18. Picture and slide show viewer
19. Internet Radio
20. News Reader
21. Advanced multi process based attract mode/screensaver
22. Multiple languages, custom languages
23. Theme Editor offers skinning
24. Both advanced configuration and easy setup wizard
25. Emulator and MAME databases
26. Plug-In support including LCD/LED
27. Play random background sounds.


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