Friday, January 21, 2011

Windows XP Services - COM+ Event System Service

Windows XP Services - COM+ Event System Service

Microsoft Description:

Supports System Event Notification Service (SENS), which provides automatic distribution of events to subscribing Component Object Model (COM) components. If the service is stopped, SENS will close and will not be able to provide logon and logoff notifications. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Importance of COM+ Event System Service
  • Provides automatic distribution of events to subscribing COM (Component Object Model) components. COM+ Events extend the COM+ programming model to support late-bound events or method calls between the publisher or subscriber and the event system. Instead of repeatedly polling the server, the event system notifies interested parties as information becomes available.

  • COM+ Events handle most of the event semantics for the publisher and subscriber. Publishers offer to publish event types, and subscribers request event types from specific publishers. Subscriptions are maintained outside both the publisher and subscriber and are retrieved when needed. This simplifies the programming model. The subscriber does not need to contain the logic for building subscriptions—building a subscription is as easy as building a COM component. The life cycle of the subscription is separate from that of either the publisher or the subscriber. Subscriptions can be built prior to either the subscriber or publisher being made active.

  • If the service is disabled, you will be prompted to also stop the SENS (System Event Notification) service as well since SENS is dependent upon this service and logon and log off notifications will not occur and other inbox applications, such as Volume Snapshot service, will not work correctly.
Startup type:
Service status: Started

This service depends on the following system components:Remote Procedure Call

The following system components depend on this service:System Event Notification
Window Internet Name Service (WINS)
DHCP Server
COM+ System Application


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