Saturday, May 21, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - UltraOptimizer

The UltraOptimizer application was designed to be an advanced registry analyzer and optimizer, that can boost your computer's performance and improve the overall speed of your system.

It offers an extremely powerful and stable scanning technology, and complete protection against data loss during the optimization process. It also features a powerful defragmentation engine, that allows you to improve the access to the system registry by optimizing disk accesses to the files that comprise your Windows registry.

Ultra Optimizer is the most advanced Windows Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer available anywhere today. It will Fix errors on your PC, and Increase your Systems Performance considerably. Our high tech scanning engine will detect & fix more errors on your computer then any other Registry cleaner Available. Ultra Optimizer has many build in tools, and is much more then an Advanced Registry Cleaner.

Ultra Optimizer is designed to Fine Tune All Windows Based computer Systems, in a safe and easy way.

You don’t need to be a computer Expert to Fine Tune and Optimize your computer in the best possible way. The Software will deep scan your PC, automatically create a backup, and suggests the optimal settings for your computer. No knowledge required!

Even very Novice users can take Full advantage of the Advanced system Optimizer! Ultra Optimizer is recommended by experts and editors as the world's best registry cleaner.

Save time!
UltraOptimizer does the whole job for you: remove system errors, improve computer speed and Windows performance, all in just a few easy steps!

Save money!
Stop wasting money on software that does not do what you want or does it only partially! With UltraOptimizer, stability and performance is assured and its stability, reliability and integrity is one of the best around.

Concentrate on the important thing!
Don't worry about protecting you and your computer any more! UltraOptimizer warns you whenever you need to be warned, and does not interrupt you from your other work unless absolutely necessary.

Enhanced functionality!
With UltraOptimizer, you now not only have the ability to protect your privacy, but you are also eliminating all traces of your surfing and day-to-day activities in just a few mouse clicks! Privacy protection has never been easier!
Features of UltraOptimizer:
  • High-performance scanning Engine Detects and Repairs Computer Errors.
  • Increase & Optimize PC Performance, Remove redundant entries.
  • Improve your system's overall performance and Windows boot-up speed.
  • Evidence Cleaner and Privacy Protector.
  • Redundant File Remover, removes all unneeded/ duplicate files.
  • Advanced secure file shredder, remove files securely, without leaving traces.
  • Advanced memory optimizer for improving memory performance.
  • Advanced startup manager, fully control what programs start with Windows.
  • Clean registry malware and protect your computer's security and integrity.
  • Internet Explorer plugin manager, enable/disable or remove unwanted IE plugins.
  • Automatic or Manual Error Removal.
  • Internet Speed Booster - Optimizes your Internet & download speed.
  • Block Malicious ActiveX controls automaticly.
  • Personal history cleaner, clean all your personal traces.
  • Advanced Uninstaller - Add/Remove Program Manager.
  • Backup and restore configuration settings to previous versions.
  • Check and Fix Invalid User Settings.
  • Check and Fix Invalid System Settings.
  • Build in Scheduler.
  • Free Live Support Included


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