Monday, May 23, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Always Right

Always Right cleans the residue that installing/uninstalling/deleting software leave behind.

After a number of software installations and un-installtions, the registry becomes full of nagging file reference pointing to where the files used to reside but no longer exist.

Always Right will find any files and folders that may have been moved on your hard drive and help you correct registry entries that point to them.

And while the time past, your hard drive will have a lot of useless files(e.g. temp file). Always Right will find and delete them.

So your computer's speed will become faster. And Always Right also adjust your system time with the world time.
Features of Always Right:
  • You can easily fix and clean your registry.
  • Deleted registry entries are automatically backed up.
  • You can define file types to be deleted.
  • You can synchronize your time with a world clock.
  • You can uninstall your software.


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