Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Casper RAM Cleaner

Casper RAM Cleaner can help you increases the system performance by cleaning the unuseful content of your computer's RAM.

You can free up RAM at any time allowing your system to have more memory available, making program execution faster because there is more free memory ready and waiting.
Casper RAM Cleaner can automatically clean RAM if a critical amount of RAM is reached preventing your system's performance from being degraded.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Unlike your hard drive when the computer is turned off - anything stored in RAM is gone.

When your computer boots up, programs are loaded into RAM for fast access. Casper RAM Cleaner takes this temporary fast access storage space and optimizes its use.

If you are looking to breathe some speed into an old PC or laptop or you are looking for an extreme memory speed increase to boost your RAM usage use Casper RAM Cleaner.


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