Friday, May 20, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - RegCompact.NET

The RegCompact.NET application was designed to be a small program that will help you increase the speed of your Windows system by optimizing the system's registry hives, which are files on your system in which Windows stores program settings and other system information in. They are crucial to the operation of your computer's operating system and the speed at which they can be accessed will affect system performance.

RegCompact.NET will enhance your system's performance by optimizing the way your system's registry hives are stored on disk. During the normal operation of a Windows system, registry data is constantly being written to and removed from the registry.
Over time this data becomes scattered within the registry file and when information is deleted from the registry holes are left which fragment the data within the registry. Due to this, accessing a few related pieces of information from the registry during program startup could become very slow as the system needs to traverse a very large file to find the data.

RegCompact.NET solves the problem of registry fragmentation and large size by rewriting the registry hives into new files which are completely optimized and often much smaller. Your computer is restarted after the registry hives are compacted and during system startup the old, fragmented files are replaced with the newly generated and optimized ones


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