Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - FAST Defrag Professional

FAST Defrag Professional (Pro) is a software utility that includes a large number of features to enhance your PC performance.

The purpose of this program is to increase the stability, security and speed of your computer and to simplify your daily work. It features with a powerful engine and uses low system resources.
Features of Fast Defrag Professional:
  • Memory Manager helps you to quickly recover the maximum amount of free memory possible without removing operating system active components.
  • AMS Error Repair Technology assures that the memory will not contain any unclaimed data and will fix all types of applications crashes.
  • Memory Guardian fixes memory allocation problems automatically (based on your settings).
  • Task Manager supports sorting by resource consumption, effective protection against spywares, saving options and other process management tools like priority and dependencies.
  • Memory Editor allows you to modify different addresses from a process's memory.Computer games players and testers can find this very useful because they can modify a game to obtain infinite lives, money, resources etc.
  • System Config module allows you to easily manage the programs that are starting with windows, the programs that are currently installed on your PC. You will find other links to many useful utilities and tweaks. Using Startup Manager you may prevent unwanted applications to start.
  • Advanced system-tray support allows users to view at any time the memory usage statistics in different displays. FAST Defrag also contains command line parameters for automation.
  • Processor Info shows the complete information about your CPU functions and features as long as the usage level.
  • Skin Support
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Speed 75 MHz 400 MHz
  • Capability - MMX lub SSE
  • RAM 16 MB (0.9 MB needed for FAST Defrag) 64-128 MB (0.9 MB needed for FAST Defrag)
  • Hard Disc Drive 2 MB free space 2 MB free space


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