Friday, May 6, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - FixMyRegistry

FixMyRegistry is a  powerful application designed to fix registry problems by updating its database periodically. With FixMyRegistry, you can optimize system performance, repair the registry and fix common errors today and tomorrow!

The Windows Registry is one of the key components essential for the proper functioning of the entire system. Keeping your Windows Registry clean and free of errors and redundant entries helps ensure Windows stability and boost system performance, without spending too much time or money on extra hardware. Run FixMyRegistry periodically to ensure reliable system operation and optimum performance!

Boosting system performance by cleaning your Windows Registry could not be any safer or easier. FixMyRegistry provides a safe, simple way to optimize Windows by repairing registry problems and fixing common errors and incompatibilities.

FixMyRegistry does not solely rely on a list of potential issues supplied with the program. Instead, it is able to connect to a dedicated problem resolution server online, and update its database to the most current state with up-to-date fixes and optimizations. With FixMyRegistry, you'll always stay current, no matter how old or new your software and version of Windows!
Features of FixMyRegistry:
  • Scanning of over 20 registry sections
  • Constantly updated online database of ways to fix registry errors
  • Tri-level registry defragmentation
  • High scanning speed with detailed results
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Highly-qualified technical support
  • 200 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 20 MB free HDD
  • 800x600 with 16-bit colors


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