Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - TweakPrefetch

TweakPrefetch is an easy to use application that is designed to manage your system's fetching. It allows the user to set separate parameters for Prefetch and Superfetch.
Note: emptying the Windows/Prefetch folder is not recommended and will cause a temporary performance drop in applications startup time. I added this function to allow advanced users to reset Prefetch data in case it might be necessary.

If you notice that Windows won't rebuild the "Layout.ini" file after you have cleaned the Prefetch folder, or maybe you just want to update it to your latest startup configuration, you can force the process using the "Rebuild Layout.ini" function in the "Options" menu.

TweakPrefetch will also detect wrong parameters for Prefetch and Superfetch, and will let the user fix them with a single click. Since version 3.0, I implemented a fetching configuration Wizard, which will help less experienced users to find the optimal Prefetch and Superfetch settings for their system and needs. 

Features of TweakPrefetch:
  • Disabled: completely disables fetching. "Superfetch" service is disabled.
  • Applications Only: fetching will only be applied to user started applications.
  • Boot Only: fetching will only be applied to boot files (system files, services and startup programs).
  • Applications & Boot: fetching will be applied to both applications and boot files (Windows default setting for Prefetch and Superfetch).
  • "Clear Prefetch" function is included: it will empty the Prefetch folder, forcing the operative system to rebuild fetch data (or not to create them at all if Prefetch has been disabled).


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