Friday, March 25, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Super Utilities

Super Utilities will offer you 26 tools for fixing, speeding up, maintaining, and protecting your PC. It encompasses four suites of utilities: System Cleaner, Privacy Protector, System Maintenance, and Special Utilities.

Features of Super Utilities Pro:
  • Disk Cleaner: Find and remove debris that has been left behind on your system by untidy programs, system freezes and sudden system restarts.
  • Registry Cleaner: Clean and fix your registry to improve your PC's performance.
  • Uninstaller Plus: Uninstall a program,remove invalid uninstaller information left on your computer and hide special uninstall entries to avoid other users from uninstalling programs .
  • StartUp Manager: Add, remove, disable, and enable all of the programs that should start with each Windows session.
  • Memmory Turbo: No matter how much RAM you have, this smart memory management program will keep your computer running better, faster, and longer.
  • Folder Guard: Hide your private files and folders from other users of your computer, to restrict access to important system files and protect them from damage.
  • Tracks Washer: Cleans up all your tracks left by Windows, browser and many other programs. Protect your privac,save storage space and improve performance of your computer.
  • Windows Manager: Manange all windows. You can close, topmost, show or hide them and use hotkey for special functions.
  • Process Manager: Find out the the detailed information about the running processes,kill processes and forbit special programs to run.
  • IE Protecrot: Protect Internet Explorer while you surf, preventing Web sites from running malicious code or changing your browser settings behind your back.
  • AutoShutdown: An award-winning system shutdown/restart/logoff manager with many powerful capabilities.
  • FolderSize: Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover megabytes on it.
  • Driver Backup: Designed to backup driver of your system in case of system crash or reinstallation of Windows.
  • Super Shell: A unique suite of context-menu shell extensions for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.
  • 16 MB RAM and 1MB of free hard disk space
  • A mouse or equivalent pointing device
  • High Color display is recommended


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