Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GTA IV Is Running Slow

"Grand Theft Auto IV" is the most recent iteration of Rockstar's popular "Grand Theft Auto" series of video games. The game's high-tech graphics and huge open world can create problems for computers, which may run the game too slowly and detract from the experience.

You can take several steps to speed up game play and create a more enjoyable gaming session.
  1. Close out all other programs on your computer. Any programs running in the background, even small programs like MS Paint or Internet Explorer, take up virtual memory that the game would otherwise be using, slowing it down dramatically.
  2. Tone down the graphical settings in the game. You can do this by pausing the game, going to the "Options" menu, opening the "Graphics Options" menu, and turning all the graphics, like textures and shadows, to their lowest settings. While this will make textures murkier and eliminate much of the game's detail, the game should run much faster and more smoothly on your machine.
  3. Upgrade your random access memory, or RAM. Most modern computers come with at least 2 gigabytes of DDR memory, but this is often barely enough to run the operating systems, especially more recent systems such as Vista or Windows 7.
    You can purchase RAM relatively inexpensively from electronics retailers and install it just as easily, and the added memory will speed up your system, and consequently your game, dramatically.
  4. Upgrade the graphics card. A graphics card is a piece of hardware processes graphics, and many stock graphics cards are capable of processing only simple graphics such as those found on websites and in videos. Graphics cards with processors from reputable companies such as Nvidia and ATI are readily available from electronics retailers. They are usually easy to install--often this involves inserting the card into an available PCI card slot and connecting it to the power supply on most computers.
  5. Upgrade your computer's central processing unit. The CPU is the heart of your computer, and a faster processor will lead to faster games and smoother overall performance. The absolute minimum for many PC games, including "GTA IV," is a Pentium 4 processor, though for smoother game play you may want to consider a newer processor such as a quad-core processor.
    Upgrading a CPU can be a little more difficult than other upgrades and should usually be done by a professional.


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