Friday, March 4, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance – WinMate

WinMate was developed to be a tool which uses the latest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors. After that, it gives you trusted solutions. Additionally, WinMate also offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software for computer optimizing. With top-rated features, you can keep away from potential threats and clean system errors to reduce computer crashes, freezing and Blue Screen.

Features of WinMate:

Fix slow computer:
  • Do you have troubles with speed up your computer? How to avoid system crash? WinMate provide you four classical and effective methods to perfect your computer with only a few of clicks.
  • Automatically Scan registry and repair the error items WinMate detect for you.
  • Scans and fixes your Windows system errors, protect your Windows system from crashing, freezing and blue screen problem. Register DLL & File Association & Duplicate files scan & Invalid file remove.
  • WinMate checks up your hard disk and find the fragments which prevents computer from running smoothly. Disk defragment rearranges and physically organizes the contents on your Hard Disk to fix slow computer.
  • Memory Tweak utility recover the memory to free up it.
  • It makes your PC run faster without causing any instability of your system.

Fix slow Startup:
  • Do you notice your computer is no longer faster as before? By cleaning startup programs and disabling service, you can recovery the optimum boot time. WinMate lists all the startup and service by details. You can safely remove them in several setups with our recommend.

IE Tools:
  • IE Tools comprises a host of rich built-in utilities to guarantee a better and healthier environment of your IE browser. Plugin Manager is a professional toolkit to help you remove malicious plugins which slow your computer. IE Restore: IE Restore utility allows to restore all the original settings of your IE. Check up your LSP to ensure better performance of your Internet Explorer.

System Tools:
  • WinMate provides user batch of usefull tools such like File Wiper, Drive immuner, Program Uninstall and so on. You can gain convenience from General Tool.
  • WinMate runs a series of Protection measures to keep your computer from risk. Disk immune disable AutoRun function. It effectively prevent virus from attacking. Timely download Windows updates and fix vulnerabilities. Clean up all IE history traces including cache, password and cookie. So that your Online bank info and personal privacy will be used by spyware publisher.

Easy to use and free for ever:
  • User-friendly Interface and step-by-step guide make it easy to use. Start Your Scan Now! You neither receive AD pop ups nor additional stuff. Your privacy will be protected and your email is never published nor shared.


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