Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Registry Purify

The fact is Windows develop large number of registry errors that can cause our Windows to crash, low performance and many other problems.Registry Purify is the right solution to handle registry problems. With the help of this magic tool, now it's a piece of cake to handle these problems.

Registry Purify allows to analyze and clean invalid entries in Windows registry, backup and restore entire registry in system file level and even compact registry to gain efficiency with just a few mouse clicks.

It uses robust analyzing algorithm to scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid entries and provides you with a list of all registry errors found, you can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all.

Features of Registry Purify:
  • New Scan Engine: Registry Purify improves scanning speed over 50% than normal algorithm by using new "SharpANA Engine". Meanwhile, "SharpANA Engine" reduces reading of hard disk evidently, which protects your hard disk effectively. The proper use of multithread technology, reduces consumption of system resources.
  • Automatic Undo File Creation And Easy Recovery: For your convenience and for insuring maximum protection, Registry Purify automatically create undo file for any repairs made so that you can easily recover any changes again if required.
  • Build-in Microsoft Registry Editor Support: By double click any entry found in Registry Purify list, Microsoft Regedit will run focusing on the entry you just clicked. It is convenient for you to examine each entry detailedly and then make your decision.
  • Microsoft Regedit compatible Undo File: Registry Purify's registry undo file is compatible with Microsoft Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. The registry file is fully opened to end users, meaning that you can edit directly or just import manually by double click on it.
  • User Friendly GUI Interface: Registry Purify is powerful and simple to use. Its Interface has all the functionality and performance required in today's computing environments.
  • Simple But Powerful and Safe: Registry Purify safely scans inside your Windows registry for errors, using robust analyzing algorithm , and repairs them with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Registry Compact To Gain Read/Write Efficiency: When cleaned many invalid registry entries, registry compact is necessary to your registry. Registry Purify rebuilds the registry removing blanks in the entries to compact your registry.
  • Reliable Registry Backup: Registry Purify supports registry backup of different time and creation any number of backup depending on your free hard disk space. For your convenience, registry backup file name takes format of "Year/Month/Day/Hour:Minute:Second".
  • Efficient Registry Restore: In one simple dialog interface, registry restore and backup deletion can be finished easily and explicitly. Although number of ?backup is not limited, Registry Purify will remind you to delete some backup files when the number of registry backup is over 3, for backups can be big.
  • Two-Aspect Analyze: While analyzing registry entries, Registry Purify take action in two aspect: one is registry-based analyzing method, another is file-based analyzing method. By using the two-aspect analyze, Windows registry will be analyzed thoroughly to check out more invalid entries than ever


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