Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Registry TuneUp

Registry TuneUp application is the best registry cleaner you will ever find.

Registry TuneUp is a tool to optimize your system registry - the most important part of windows.

Registry TuneUp finds and removes errors in your windows registry, reducing application crashes, and thus enhancing the performance and reducing sluggishness.

It cleans all parts of your registry, yet it is the safest, using a built-in ignore list to prevent important entries from being listed.

Registry TuneUp allows undo, has expert/normal modes, and is very fast and powerful.

Features of Registry TuneUp:
  • The fastest, safest, and comprehensive utility to clean registry errors.
  • Built-in ignore list to protect many important registry entries.
  • Scan and clean all parts of registry.
  • Allows you to undo a cleaning if you want.
  • Expert / normal mode of registry cleaning.
  • Shows you why each entry in the registry is not needed.
  • Auto decides whether to delete either the entire registry sub-key or just the entry.
  • Expert users can view the registry entries ignored, and delete them if needed.
  • Scan and clean invalid ActiveX, Application Paths, Add-remove software, start menu order, shared dll section, font, help, IE context menu, IE toolbar, file extensions, and more from the registry . No other software scans this much in the registry.
  • Allows expert users to exclude selected registry entries permanently in the future.


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