Thursday, June 9, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Chily Registry Cleaner

Chily Registry Cleaner is a Windows utility to make your computer run faster without any errors. Over 90% of computers have hidden corrupted files with 100s of errors and bugs. This registry repair software helps you to get rid of corrupt, damaged files and errors which exist in your systems windows registry.

The registry cleaner software enables you to scan your system registry for free and know the number of error files which exist in the registry, making the system performance slow.

Windows registry is a database file which stores complete information about the operating system, user profiles, added or removed programs. In the process of removing programs, some invalid file references still remain in the system which are not used anywhere, as the unwanted entries keep on saving in the registry, it gets loaded with un-useful entries, making the registry size big.

Chily Registry Cleaner is the best solution if you have a slow running PC and you suspect that it has virus contaminations and the system registry is corrupt or you have edited the registry entries. This software enables you to backup your whole registry for security purposes to restore and install it whenever required.

Features of Chily Registry Cleaner:
  • Fast Scanning: Chily Registry Cleaner registry repair software completely scans the system registry and searches for errors which after the process lists all the errors in a tree like structure with risk profiles: High, Medium and Low.
  • Invalid Entries Cleanup: All the found errors are repaired and extra and invalid registry errors existing in the system are cleaned up thus making the Windows registry error free.
  • Compact and Defrag: Optimize your system registry with Defrag Registry option in the registry repair software for fast and enhanced system performance.
  • Backup and Restore: create backup of whole registry and save it at a safest location of your system. If in case you encounter cases like registry corruptions, registry errors, virus attacks, accidental deletions then restore the backed up registry and install it to your system.


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