Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Registry Cure

Your computer's registry manages the inventory and location of every file, folder, document and application stored in your computer. This information helps locate applications and files and also helps programs run smoothly.

The problem is, over time, when more and more programs and files are added or deleted from your hard drive, the registry becomes cluttered, clogged and confused, which only serves to slow down your PC and even cause system crashes

It's possible to review your system registry yourself and fix problems manually. But this process would take hours and only experienced and technically-savvy computer users should attempt it. It would be like performing open heart surgery after two weeks at med school. For the rest of us, there's Registry Cure, which diagnoses and heals your system registry with just a few clicks.

Features of Registry Cure:
  • Registry Cure automatically diagnoses and fixes everything from invalid paths to shell extensions, sound and help files, DLLs and CLSID, class keys, AppEvents, and more.
  • Easy undo feature allows you to revert back to former Registry configurations should you need to.
  • Free email tech support
  • Automated and easy to use
  • Unlimited free upgrades and updates


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