Monday, June 27, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - ADing FreeRAM

Are you tired of "Lock Ups" "Freezes" "Out of Memory" Alerts and Constant need to "Reboot"?

ADing FreeRAM application is designed to INCREASES the PERCENTAGE of RAM (random access memory) available to your computer.

Today's computer programs require more RAM and most importantly more "available RAM." Simply having a large amount of RAM does not mean your computer can use it. 

Features of ADing FreeRAM:
  • Virtually eliminate cursor locks, out of memory alerts, constant re-boots, and other low memory problems.
  • Greatly increase % of RAM available (varies with your system)
  • Work on all RAM sizes
  • Increase available memory automatically at all times.
  • Recover memory from other programs.
  • Recover memory "leaks"
  • Operate automatically to custom settings you control.
  • Allow use of applications like scanners with high memory requirements.
  • Eliminate freezes and lockups due to insufficient available memory.
  • Cost you less than a couple of "iced cappuccino" coffees!


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