Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speed Up PC Performance - Chily Memory Optimizer

Chily Memory Optimizer is a tool to increase RAM memory of the computer system which makes it fast and more efficient.

At times you must have felt that your computer is working slow than its usual performance, or has started taking too much time to launch applications. What could be the reason for this? The possible reasons which lead to slow working of the computer system are: Your computer do not have sufficient RAM memory, your computer is infected with virus, your hard drive is fragmented, you are running many programs at the same time.

Chily Memory Optimizer has been developed to provide computer users with fast and speedy performance oriented environment. This memory optimizer will help you recover wasted memory of your computer system, increasing speed by 80%.

Features of Chily Memory Optimizer:
  • Click and optimize: Chily memory optimizer optimizes the computer memory in one single mouse click. Just click the "Optimize Memory" button in the software and the computer memory is optimized. No need of clicking several buttons to optimize memory.
  • Free-up physical memory: Chily memory optimizer frees up the physical memory space and increases performance of the computer system.
  • View current system performance: Current system performance of the computer is displayed by Chily memory optimizer software. Now you can easily view how your computer speeds up from slow to fast. Memory Usage and CPU Usage of the system is displayed in graphical format.
  • View current system process: Number of programs running in the system are displayed, just like the task manager of the system. Each "Process Name" is displayed with its "Memory Usage" and "Process Path" of each running program.
  • Optimize single process: Chily Memory Optimizer enables you to optimize a single process too. Open the Current System Process tab and right click the process and click the "Optimize Selected Process" button; this will optimize the selected process.
  • 64 MB RAM (128 recommended)
  • 10 MB of Disk Space for Software installation


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