Saturday, April 2, 2011

Speed Up Game Performance - Game Prelauncher

Modern 3D games are sophisticated programs; to create and simulate the game world, they carry out numerous tasks and calculations simultaneously. Newer games require even more resources and, consequently, the upgrade of computer hardware. Not every computer is comfortable for playing. Jerking picture and dropping FPS rate are the effects just about every player has seen. In other words, your system's overall performance is crucial for games.

Every running application actively consumes RAM resources, cutting the amount of free memory available to other applications, as well as CPU resources; plus, periodically it addresses to files on the hard drive. The more applications you've got running, the less resources you've got left for other tasks — that's an obvious fact. That simple concept is laid in the foundation of Game Prelauncher, and it demonstrates an effective practical result, proven by the popularity of the software among gamers.

A modern Windows operating system launches a mass of continuously running resident user applications and services. The majority of those are not used when user is playing a game; therefore, they can be harmlessly turned off, releasing the resources they occupy to the game.

For example, in a freshly installed Windows 7, GP turns off 133 service applications, leaving only those that are critical for the operation. A user's system normally runs way more of auxiliary services and applications, — anti-virus and firewall services, utility clients, cosmetic and sound themes, ICQ, Skype and their components, numerous libraries that launch with the Explorer shell, and so on. An average configuration normally launches over 160 different objects, which are not utilized in games but require their share of system resources for operation.

The Game Prelauncher application was developed to be a comprehensive Windows system optimizer, developed specially for games. It turns Windows into a gaming platform by yielding all the computer resources to the game alone. To achieve this effect, the program disables most of the services (92% on Win 7) except the critical ones, disables all the start-up programs, the Explorer shell and hundreds of libraries that are registered with it but not used for the operation of the game, sound themes and other objects.

When the game is over, the program brings everything back. The program does not affect the quality of the graphics in the game (does not impair it); the graphics remains the way it is specified in user's preferences. The utility has an intuitive user interface. 
Features of Game Prelauncher:
  • Disable programs from Run sections from HKCU and HKLM registry keys (and other startup sections)
  • Disable programs from the Startup folder
  • Disable most Windows services (~ 90-92%), except for necessary or critical
  • Disable the current shell ( Explorer, Aston, Litestep etc.)
  • Ability to disable selected drivers
  • Disable sound themes
  • Unload unused libraries (DLLs)
  • Ability to disable programs, reboot and run the game with a single click (shortcut)


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