Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Speed Up Google Chrome - Best Addons for Google Chrome

                 Google have allowed Google Chrome Extensions, which basically allows you to add a huge variety of addons to your Google Chrome web browser, greatly increasing its functionality, without cluttering it's simple interface.

Why Should I Download Google Chrome Addons?

Google Chrome Addons are not required to run Google Chrome, in some cases you would be better off without them (If for instance you wished to keep Google Chrome clean and simple).

For most of us however, a little extra functionality in Google Chrome makes the browser more flexible, and easier to use. A Google Chrome Extension can give you the tools you need right at your fingertips, saving you time and effort, it can also keep you notified on the latest news, or speed up your browsing with a few little tricks.
For the sake of a small download you could massively reduce the time spent opening different websites, clicking buttons and even following your RSS feeds.

What are the Best Google Chrome Addons?

Gmail Chrome Addon

The Gmail Chrome extension is one of the best chrome addons because it gives you a handy litlte button in the top right of your screen which allows you to keep track of your gmail inbox. This handy little Gmail Chrome Addon is one of the most used Chrome Addon in the world, despite being so simple.

Google Adblock Chrome Addon

When Chrome was first released it was near immediately shot down by Firefox fans, not only for its lack of Chrome extensions, but also for its lack of an advert blocker. Fortunately Google Chrome AdBlock has been released, a brilliant Chrome Addon which prevents a huge number of popups and adverts from appearing on webpages.

Google Chrome Addons - Google Translate

Google Translate opens up a whole new world of websites and resources to you, which comes in especially useful when you often have to research things which happen abroad.


How can I block a particular website in google chrome?

very rightly said, people like chrome because its clean and fast

Is google chrome work faster in Low bandwidth network like dial-up ?

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