Friday, November 19, 2010

Optimizing Google Chrome Tips and Tweaks


                              Google Chrome  is the browser which combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome offers a great no of flexibility such as searching form the address bar, thumbnails of the top sites, private browsing through incognito window. If you think all these things all together, then you also understand that Google Chrome is the best for all these types of issues and flexibilities.

                       Here are some of the Great Tips and Tweaks of Google Chrome. By following these tips one can browse privately, can open the recent closed tabs, can search through Google or Yahoo or other search engine, can set browser's home page, can increase text space, can jump different tabs, can clean browsing history according to you own wish, can download, can bookmark, can jump the history page, can edit the web pages, can create the application shortcuts, can find out the installed plug-ins and can know many shortcuts also etc. So, just keep reading and know some of the best tips.

Using incognito window

Incognito window offers you to surf on a PC without leaving behind any digital footprints. If you use it, all of your surfing will be hidden and no one can trace your surfing to Internet world. To open and use incognito window, use Ctrl + Shift + N keys all together and use incognito window of Google Chrome.

Link opening in incognito window

You can open any link in an incognito window. For this you have to right-click the link and select Open link in incognito window.

Opening recent browser tabs

Sometimes you may mistakenly close your browser tab during browsing time. But don't worry. By using Ctrl + Shift + T all together, you can easily open the recent browser tabs again and can find your recent pages.

Custom search through Google Chrome

Default search of Google Chrome is Google. But you can change or edit the search options. For changing default search engine through other search engine like yahoo, AOL, ask etc. or any other things, just right click inside the address bar and select Edit search engines... From these lists, select anyone for your default search engine. After doing all of these, write your own thing in the address bar and hit enter and you will be directed to the search page.

Loading Chorme's home page

By using Alt + Home all together you can load Google Chrome home page. This also enables thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window.

Increasing space in a text area

You can easily increase more space in a textarea or re-size the text area by dragging the lower right corner of the text area.

Jumping to different opened tabs

You can switch the currently opened tabs by using Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, Ctrl + 3 ... Ctrl + 9. Ctrl + 1 means the first tab, Ctrl+2 means the second tab and so on. Ctrl+9 takes you to the last tab. In this way, you can easily switch the tabs easily.


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you can Drag a link to a tab to open the link in new tab on chrome.

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