Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Optimizing Internet Explorer - Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys of Internet Explorer:

Internet Explore supports many shortcut keys. Some of the important shortcut keys are given below:

CTRL + S: To save the current document/page

CTRL+W: To close window of IE
CTRL+N: To open a new browser window
CTRL+R: To refresh any web page
CTRL+A: To select all the contents of the opened page
CTRL+C: To copy a selected contents form the currently opened page
CTRL+F: To find anything such as a text or words
CTRL+E: To search
CTRL+D: To save a web page quickly to your favorites list
CTRL+I: To jump to the favorites
CTRL+P: To print the selected page
CTRL+H: To open or view the history
CTRL+tab: To go to the URL address field
Alt+Spacebar+X: To maximize the IE window
Alt+Spacebar+R: Tor restore the IE window
Alt+Spacebar+N: To minimize the IE window
Home key: To go to the beginning of the web page
End key: To go to the bottom of page
Backspace key: To move back to a page

All these shortcut keys helps in saving time and increase the performance of using Internet Explorer.


To open recently closed tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T and to switch between tabs press Ctrl + Tab key.

are all these shortcuts applicable to IE9 as well?

In IE 8 you can use ctl+shift+P for Inprivate browsing window.

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