Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disable Hibernation to Save Hard Drive Space

                When a computer is put on the hibernation mode, the computer takes a snapshot of all the memory contents and the computer settings and saves all this information on the hard disk of the computer. After the information is saved, the computer turns off. The advantage of putting the computer on the hibernation mode is that when the computer is restarted all the memory contents and the settings are restored to the time when the computer was turned off. A great benefit of this is that there is no need for power by the computer to maintain itself in the hibernation state unlike the standby mode.
Sleep mode typically will store activity in RAM and then turn off the monitor or hard drive, but not the power to the computer. When the computer comes out of the hibernation mode all the programs and documents are restored. However, turning off hibernation mode can save a lot of disk space. The amount of space it will save depends on your pc, but it could save gigabytes worth of space.

To Disable Hibernation:

For Windows 7 Users:

1. Click on your start menu in task bar.

2. Open Run.

3. Type in cmd.exe and hit enter.

4. At command prompt enter "powercfg -h off" without "" and hit enter.

Turning off the hibernation on XP is also available and this helps up in freeing the space on the hard disk of the system. The following steps need to be followed to disable the hibernation option in XP

For Windows XP Users:

1. On the desktop, right click and then click on the properties.
2. On top, there are different tabs and there is a screen saver tab and click on it.

3. In the Tab there will be a power settings button. Click on it. 

4. There will be a hibernate tab in the power options properties .The hibernation option will be enabled and it needs to be unchecked to disable it .

5. Click on Ok and then there will be another window, click OK on that too.


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